Dr Michael Sideris

B.Sc(Syd), M.Chiro(Macq)
Chiropractor & Sports Chiropractic Specialist

Founder and principle of Sydney City Chiropractic, Michael has combined his passion to serve his clients with his extensive years of experience and knowledge of the human spine, to create one of the most popular chiropractic health clinics in Sydney.

Michael’s Vision had humble beginnings from when he was a chiropractic student many eons ago, where he designed his own “Patient first system”. The entire focus is to create the ultimate patient experience that is tailored to the individuals health needs.
“You cant put square pegs in round holes”

His passionate and professional approach to chiropractic care has taken him to the top of his field where he has attracted elite athletes from across many codes along with Hollywood actors who have sought him out whilst in Sydney to be under his care.

He also stays at the cutting edge of what new treatments are being developed in both the chiropractic and medical worlds. He works amongst a team of other medical professionals that he can call upon when needed, to ensure his patient receive the best possible immediate care that is required.

Of course every man needs some downtime…….When he is not adjusting and caring for his patients, he takes great joy in taking to the skies as Michael is an avid pilot. He also has an ongoing love affair with his Nesspreso machine and he is quietly hoping one day to transform into George Clooney.

Dr Sam Lee

Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Herbalist.

With over 20 years experience in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, Dr Sam has worked around the globe internationally in Asia and in the United States.

Taking a “Mr Miyagi” approach, Sam is fond of cryptic answers to help his patients discover the secrets of health and how to empower themselves in their journey to attaining supreme balance and health. .

Sam’s winning smile is as formidable as his needle placing techniques or his ability to command the mouse of any given computer. Don’t worry if Sam tells you it will be ok, he says that to everyone. He is also affectionately known as the needle whisperer.

Josephine McLoughlin


The grand matriarch of Sydney City Chiropractic, Jo has been welcoming and caring for all of our patients since the beginning of time in the practice. That well known warm smile, her trademark greeting of “Hello love”, and her can do attitude make the process of entering and exiting the practice a seamless and a joyous one. She knows how to keep the place ticking over and everything running on time, like a fully experienced air traffic controller, nothing passes under her radar, not even the Chiropractor who thinks he can.

Her pet toy poodle named “Pedro” who was believed to be a matador in a past life, but we are all convinced now runs on a single AAA battery, is never far from her side and is up for any adventure at any time and seems to know when to show up to walk her home.

Dora Anghel

Chiropractic Assistant & Massage Therapist

A massage therapist par excellence, Dora has worked on more bodies and muscles than the Ancient Greeks could ever have imagined naming. Urban legend goes that she had clocked up a quarter of a century worth of massage hours while still knee high running through the snow fields in her native Romania.

The last known living relative of the Transylvanian lords, you will know that you have been touched by someone very special the minute she places her hands on you.

Dora couples massage with her other hobby, fitness instruction. She has a natural talent for inventing new adventure sports and exercises to get the most out of life.

Aimee Mason

Chiropractic Assistant & Massage Therapist

Multi talented and multi tasking is a breeze for young Aimee. The youngest member of the team, she can be found taking care of IT issues, running the front desk, performing amazing massages, studying for her chiropractic degree and always providing outstanding patient care, all whilst staying in touch with everyone with her other hand on Face Book, Face Book Messenger, Whats App and social media.

She has the ability to sniff out a good party and get to amazing holiday destinations, she barely needs any sleep, and the word is she was a NASA rocket in a past life.