Biomesotherapy is a therapy that works by stimulating the body through the use of a sterile saline solution injected through fine needles underneath the skin. This stimulates the organ systems and is called a cutivisceral response. At the same time, oral homoeopathic medicines that focus on the organ or area of the body that requires treatment are given.

The needles used in the saline injections are as fine as acupuncture needles. They may first be inserted into a self-loading device called an “inject-ease”. The saline is then injected just under the skin or into certain muscle points, which may be trigger points or acupuncture points. Treatment of and around the joints is also common. In the majority of cases, a biomesotherapy session consists of a series of small treatments on a certain body area.

The aim of biomesotherapy is to help the body to heal itself and to normalise the nervous system. Many of the treatments used in this therapy are designed to relax muscle tension. Biomesotherapy is also concerned with detoxification. Accumulated toxins in the body can affect the immune system, causing inflammation in the body. They can also disturb the nervous system, resulting in pain and discomfort. Therefore, eliminating toxins is an important treatment goal.

What Biomesotherapy Can Treat

Biomesotherapy can be effective for a wide range of conditions such as:

  • neck and back pain
  • ankle sprain
  • sciatica
  • frozen shoulder
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • sports injuries
  • fibromyalgia
  • arthritis
  • acute musculoskeletal problems
  • headaches/migraines
  • acute or chronic inflammation
  • relaxing muscles
  • improving circulation
  • wound healing
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • softening and repairing scar tissue
  • skeletal pain
  • muscle, tendon, or ligament bruising or tears

Most patients use biomesotherapy as a form of pain management. In biomesotherapy, the source of the pain is treated, not just the symptoms.

The homoeopathic medicines used in biomesotherapy have been tested through research. In the short term, they may not provide as much quick relief as traditional medication, but once they are in the system, the benefits last longer in the body.

Up to four sessions of biomesotherapy may be required, depending on how severe the patient’s condition is, but once the biomesotherapy treatment is in the body, the benefits are longer lasting than standard medication. Having said that, however, many patients find that they have immediate relief from their pain and discomfort after just one treatment session