About Us

At Sydney City Chiropractic we are committed to providing the highest quality health care in a friendly and professional setting.
Our clients are busy people. We respect their time and aim to always stay on schedule. We strive to exceed your expectations of chiropractic in every way.


Through Chiropractic, to reach out to as many people as possible and create a life changing experience.


Sydney City Chiropractic is our vehicle to reach the people in our community and beyond, through it being a centre where people receive outstanding care in an environment where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is addressed.


  • To be available, present and focused when we are with every single client that walks through our doors.
  • To always perform to the best of our ability in caring for our clients who are the most integral part of what we do.
  • To care for them as individuals and to be mindful and respectful of their needs without preconception or judgment.
  • To create an experience that will be with them for life and to leave a positive impression of chiropractic and its effects that will also be life changing.

We intend to improve community awareness of chiropractic and the role it plays in maximising nervous system function and ultimately the optimisation of our health potential. We always aim to be punctual and see patients at their allotted time.

Our Chiropractic Philosophy

At Sydney City Chiropractic we respect the bodies natural ability to heal and regulate itself. As chiropractors we believe that interference to the body’s communication system between the brain and the body disrupts this innate ability to heal and function.

Prolonged disruption to the nervous system reduces harmony within the body causing a decline in health. Over time this environment promotes problems to develop.

Spinal dysfunction will cause interference to the delicate nervous system. Your chiropractor will detect the underlying cause of this nerve interference and will use gentle, safe and effective adjustments to nurture proper function within the body.

This in turn restores and optimises health and well-being.